Antique Wall Clocks

Antique Wall Clocks Hyderabad India

ART TREASURE Presents Antique Clocks are pieces of art. If working timepieces or just decorative, clocks deserve a place on your walls. Make an arrangement clocks that look nothing alike, turning your wall into a conversation piece. Create a wall of time zones from around the world, adding a touch of geography to your decor. Or, try hanging the clocks in a nontraditional method for a different look.

Hang clocks in a circle or half-circle, mixing everything from ornate antique clocks to alarm metal wind-up watches. Most wall clocks come with the hardware to hang them, or at least have an attached piece to rest on a nail head. Use a plate hanger to hang a clock not constructed to hang on the wall. Or, place a picture wire in the back of a clock to catch on a nail as another hanging technique.

Mix and match metal, wood and even plastic clocks to set up a wall of time. Scatter the clocks over the wall, but space each clock at the same distance. Their clocks will look like a designed grouping if they are all 6 feet away from each other, but at different times. Do not hang same-sized clocks too close to one another, the arrangement will look more uniform if they vary in size. Using clocks that are close in size, but different in style, works well for creating a wall of time from around the world. Place the clocks in two rows in a zigzag pattern. Set the times for the countries or time zones of your choice. Using your computer, print small labels to denote the location for the time below each clock.

Vintage Rose Pattern Iron Art Wall Clock

Hang decorative, tasseled cords, like those used to tie the curtains back, the wall and attach your wall clocks to the cords. This gives a floating look to your clocks. Move the clocks along the cord to create your arrangement. Connect the cord to a eye hook, and screw it into the ceiling, 2 cm from the wall. To attach the clocks to the cords, use a heavy piece of elastic, the type used for waistbands in clothes. Turn the clock over and tack, staple or nail the elastic to the clock. The elastic will go around the cord, holding the cord at his watch. Leave enough play in it so the clock can slide when using a little force. You can attach two or three clocks to each cord.

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